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Rome at Night Welcome to the Academia of Ferret

"Life moves fast, if you don't stop to look around you might miss it..."
    -Ferris Bueller

   All of life is an opportunity to learn and grow. The most stimulating organ in the body is the mind, and if it is not exercised regularly you miss out. So this is my Academia, which has links to all the various places where I pump my cerebral lobes up; so as not to be the equivalent of a ninety pound intellectual weakling. Vast intellects on the beach can go ahead and shove copies of Byron at me, and I will laugh and quote Thucydides back at them until they go away.

   My life has been a curious blend of routine and snippets of pure insanity. I graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a degree in Political Science. I finished law school at Southwestern University, and I currently work in QA at Activision. The story of my past might explain why I am doing QA instead of plotting to take over the world as a lawyer.

Cool Links Cool Links
Here is the traditional list of links that each Web Page must have. Web Tools, Fun Recreational Sites, and Useful Utilities abound. Most of the links are quite useful in one way or another and are my favorite virtual hunting grounds.

Little Admirers Ferret's Past
It defies belief, but it is actually now written. Yes, it startles me, too! Click here to hear of the trials and tribulations of the modern day ferret in its post-modern Los Angeles habitat. Full of thrills and death-defying action, a must read for the very very bored.

This is the campaign world I began my sophmore year of high school. It used to be an AD&D campaign set in Forgotten Realms. But has evolved to looking almost entirely unlike its humble roots. The current campaign starts in Teardale, a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. A world filled with medeival politics, intrigue, adventure, and depth. So take a gander at the Introduction and some of the Rules changes.

Based on Anne McCaffrey's wonderful Pern series, this MUSH is my favorite virtual community. Links to VL friends and wingmates. Meet Derek and C'ron, my only two characters. Great links to Ista people and other various MUSH resources.

At UCSD, thanks to Cal Animage Beta Chapter, I developed a passion for anime. I have started to collect all manner of Anime. Click on here to check out which anime I have available for trade. I also plan to incorporate a short synopsis of each of the Anime titles, as well. There is also the mandatory links to other sites.

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