This is my front page, greatly updated, and hopefully, easier to use. I'm guessing that most people who have come here are looking for the saxophone information, so, click here to get it.
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I'm including the Link Exchange banner here. I know alot of people find these annoying, but I have some things here that I want to share, and these services certainly help me and people like me to do that.

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If you want to learn a little about me, and why I've made this page, this is the spot. POKEYSAX'S INFO

This is my SAXOPHONE PAGE. I'm in the process of including lots of info about saxophones, their history, their use, how to play, etc... Always under construction (as are all my pages) so please check back often, and please sign my guestbook below.

Also posted within this site is my Twentieth-Century Music assignment, about ALAN TURING. I hope that I can get other works I've written posted within this page.

This is my links unrelated to the above topics page. LINKS PAGE Mostly included will be pages of friends and relatives.
Well that's my front page, visit my links, and the rest of my page. If for any reason you happen to find a reason to e-mail, do so here.....
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Should ICQ be easier for you, you can find me as Pokeysax, ICQ #3629071

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