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 The thing that sets this page apart from others is that this page is written totally in English.  I wanted to show the magic of Doraemon to my English friends.  Afterall, everyone in Japan and Taiwan/Hong Kong knows who Doraemon is.  It is about time others do too.  All the translations here are done by me from the chinese version.  Therefore, I hope you will excuse some awkward lines.  For now, please enjoy and explore everything.  Don't forget to email me and let me know what you think!

Character Introduction
(This is where you get to meet all the main characters from the story line.  A must if you never seen the comic before!)

Doraemon Stories

The Space Copying Mirror
The Making of a New Species
Real Life Video Game
Instant Model

Monster Hat
The Many Uses of a Shoe

Other Doraemon Links

The Full Encyclopedia of Doreamon
Doreamon in the Realms  
(Chinese site)

There have been    happy Doraemon fans here.
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