Hello and welcome to my webpage. It is filled with pictures of me, my friends, and my relatives. I was born in 1973 in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. I grew up in St. Bruno, Quebec where I became bilinguish and learned a total of 15 french words. I have lived in Oakville, Ontario, Canada since 1985 and can honestly say it is the best part of Halton Region. I graduated from Sheridan College's Human Resources Management Program in 1999, and worked for a year at CIBC. In the year 2000 I traveled around the UK, Europe, and the Mediterranean for 3 1/2 months and had a very memorable time. I have experience in Human Resources having worked a couple of contracts, one at The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and another one with Procor Limited. In Summer 2002 I spent 2 months in Central America. Very beautiful part of the world. I took some Spanish lessons, got my divers licence, saw coral reef, volcanos, jungles, and amazing ancient Mayan ruins. Came back and worked a 14 month contract at The Loyalty Group. When that ended I decided I would go visit family in Australia and see some wildlife. And since I would have to cross half the planet to get there I might as well cross the other half coming home. So after a month in Australia, I went to Thailand for a week and Cambodia for a few days to get a taste of southeast asia. Then to Egypt where I spent 2 weeks seeing temples, mountains, tropical fish, and camels. Then on to Israel for a few days to see Jerusalem. And then 2 weeks in Europe spending about a week in Athens and then Paris, birthplace of democracy and berets respectivily. I then worked as an HR Coordinator and got my CHRP designation. I moved to Toronto and started studying Spanish because my girlfriend and I were moving to Spain. We moved to Almeria and have been living here since November 2006 where I work as an English Teacher. We got married in March and are slowly learning Spanish. A few of my favorite things are ancient civilizations, science fiction, dance music, and snow. You can reach me at benfairs@yahoo.com

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