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Ed Goldberg - San Diego - August 2002

My children - Alon and Talia - Vancouver - July 2002

My late father - Dr. Isaac Goldberg - 1925-2000. Under construction is his full bio and I also have to upload a picture of my late mother - Jenny Goldberg nee Flax - 1926-1993

Myself with Ian Smith - Prime Minister of Rhodesia and a good friend of my Dad. I still have to add pictures of my Dad with Ian Smith as well as with Clifford Dupont - President of Rhodesia. Ian Smith and my father went to Rhodes University together after WWII and it was he that convinced my Dad to emigrate to Rhodesia in 1949. They maintained a friendship over all the years and often saw each other socially. At one time Mr. Smith even asked my father to run for Parliament but my Dad declined.

P.O.Box 93007 Caulfeild Village
West Vancouver, BC V7W 3G4

Telephone: 604-986-8565
Fax: 604-251-1248
E-mail: egoli@telus.net

Personal Description

Hi I'm Ed Goldberg, from North Vancouver, BC, Canada. I was born in Que Que, Southern Rhodesia (now known as Kwekwe, Zimbabwe) in 1950.

I studied Pharmacy at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa from 1970 to 1973 and I have lived in Canada since 1980.

My main interest is Jewish Genealogy and the primary family names that I am researching are: GOLDBERG, FLAX, FLAKS, PERELSON, PEARLSON, VILANOVA, BERMAN,and ABOLNIK.

My entire family tree is now available for viewing. Please note: I have also included a mini family tree from an unrelated Flax family - the descendants of Abraham and Cecilia Paulson - as this may be of interest to other Flax family researchers and one day links may be found between the various Flax families.

(Last updated August 2002)

(N.B. I have had several queries from Spanish genealogists about the surname VILANOVA. In my case the name VILANOVA is not of Spanish origin but is derived from "coming from the town of Vilna in Lithuania". Many Russian surnames end in -nov and -nova. Here is a reply in Spanish for all those Spanish researchers:

El apellido de soltera de mi abuela era VILANOVA, pero no era de origen Espanol. Varias apellidos Rusus terminan NOVA (feminino) o NOV (masculino). El significado en este caso es: Viniendo de la poblacion de Vilna en Lithianai. Con las differncias que existen en el alfabeto Ruso el apellido puede ser deletreado: Villanoffa o Villanof, Bellanoffa o Bellanoff, Wilanova o Willanov. Mi abuela lo pronunciaba Vilanova. Mi familia no es Sefardi, nostros somos Ashkenazi y originarios de Latvia, Lituania y Rusia. Mi abuelo era Rabbi Jehuda Vilanova en Rostov en Rusia.)

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