Harry S. Truman High School, Independence, Mo
CLASSES OF 67 - 68 - 69
30th Year Reunion
September 25, 1999

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Click HERE for info about Spring 2001 retirement party for Mr. Ron Clemons.

The 30th Reunion is over and it was GREAT.  Super turnout. 

The Friday night gathering and Saturday night dinner/dance were casual, and a blast.  We had lot's of fun teasing each other about old age but everyone looked really good and still knows how to have a good time.

thshalls.jpg (20946 bytes)Saturday morning at the school was extremely nostalgic.  The building has not changed a bit (except the addition of the new library, second gym and beautiful auditorium/ theatre).   Most of the  subjects are taught in the same rooms. The floors, ceiling, and stairs are unchanged.  The lockers are the same except repainted in red, white and blue.  Even the tables and chairs in the cafeteria are the same ones. 
And the sign beside the gym entrance (above left) still lists several state records from the late 60's, especially in basketball. 

We're planning to keep this web site active.  So keep checking in.  And, please, take a minute to leave a message in the Guestbook.

69_20.jpg (4346 bytes)We owe a HUGE THANK YOU to Fred Link, Dave Bennett, Hap Graff, Jerry Vaughn and all their co-workers for putting this all together.  Let's all look forward to doing it again in 2009 - just as we're turning 60!!!

We have a list of people from the classes of 1967 and 1969 (c'mon 68) who we don't have correct addresses for.  Please email us or call the contact listed for your class with any leads you have on finding them.  And don't forget to let the contact for your class know if your addess changes. 

Please let us know your email address so we can keep you posted on the next get together or any other news from the class.  If you have a personal web site, that's even better!  Send us the address so we can post it here and your old friends can see what you've been up to.



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