Hi, my name is Jeanne Choi.  I was born on the 9th day of June, 1999.  I live in Cambridge, MA.

I used to have a homepage containing lots of my photos taken from my first day on the earth, but my parents removed the photos because they thought I am a grown-up and it may be a little bit unreasonable to show photos taken when I was a baby.

My daddy is Insung Choi, a scientist at KAIST and my mommy is Jiyoung Ryu, a student at Columbia University-Teachers College.

I go to Agassiz preschool and have many friends there.  I like reading books.  My favorites are "Goodnight Moon", "Owl Moon", "Maisy", "Arthur", etc.  I also watch videos such as "the Teletubbies", "Arthur", "Clifford", "Between the Lions", etc.  I can count more than 20 and am studying words, I mean, phonics.  I am able to read "one", "two", "yes", "no", "moon", "hi", etc.
- As of December 5, 2001.

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