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This page contains information about Eurocrypt encryption. Eurocrypt is a system used to encrypt satellite based pay-tv channels in Europe. Especially this page contains information about MiniMAC a Eurocrypt smard card emulator for PC's.

The page is not intended to be a general satellite page, so I don't have tons of links to all over the world. Intead I have some informative links regarding Eurocrypt and a few links to some excellent general satellite sites.

Regarding keys for MiniMAC: Canal+ keeps changing keys twice a week so I see no point in trying to keep this page updated regarding keys. There are so many other pages doing this. Please look in the newsgroups or on some of the dedicated pages for new keys.



Latest version of MiniMAC is 1.3. Click here to download.

Please note: MiniMAC does not do any automatic key updates. The Canal+ updating mentioned in the documentation is for the now defunct French Canal+.

If you download MiniMAC please also download the latest keyfile. Save this file as MINIMAC.INI in your MiniMAC directory. The whole idea about keeping the keys in a plain text file is to avoid releasing new versions when keys change. The MINIMAC.INI distributed with MiniMAC was up to date when MiniMAC was released, but there might have been additions since that. Please note that I do not update the keyfile as fast as some channels change keys so please look in the newsgroups or at some of the dedicated pages for the most recent keychanges.

Click here to view more info about MiniMAC

I have also put together a MiniMAC FAQ

Writing your own emulator

If you are planning to write your own Eurocrypt emulator here are some information that may be handy:

What I did to write MiniMAC
How to implement the Eurocrypt protocol
Description of PC to decoder interface
Serial communication routines for PC
EuroCry - a complete Eurocrypt emulator with source

Information about encryption

List of current Eurocrypt keys (in ascii format - prints on one page)
European Commision green paper on protection of encrypted services

Some general satellite sites

Defiant eurosat page.

There are many others, but no need to list them here because you can reach most of them from the links above.

Homepages for other Eurocrypt emulators


If you have any comments, questions etc. about this page or MiniMAC please mail to
You are welcome to write in English, Danish, Swedish or Norwegian.

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