For those that don't know, EMT = Emergency Medical Technician.

Its my Passion, ONE of my passions *giggle*

Everyone entrusted with a mission

is an angel.

Angels may not always come when you call them, but they come when you need them.

.... K.Goldman.

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Hi There!!!

My name is Donna a.k.a. "Angelsdo" (I adopt that nick (name) when I go into the chat rooms on irc or Virtual Places ... alot of People ask me,"What is it *exactly* that Angels do, my first reaction is, I laugh, then I say, "Well, this one tries to save lives. I'm an EMT B/D. I used to run with a local squad but due to personal conflicts I chose to leave. I still love ems and I will get back into it someday. I've been called an Angel lots of times in the back of a rig when patients feel like they are dying and for some strange reason think I can grant them salvation! Either way, I did the best job I could as a volunteer.

I live in New Jersey, I'm married with two teenage boys. I love to make people laugh. A smile is a good thing, and laughter keeps the heart young.

In rememberance of all women of violence

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