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Hello and welcome to my page. I have made this page hoping it would help people. Whether you need a hotline number to get yourself help, links to find sites with helpful information that I have not provided, possibly a place to meet other survivors, or some lyrics and poetry to read maybe helping you realize you are not alone.

Thank You everyone and please continue the email about my page and help me with it in any way you can. This page has won over thirty awards but because of my lack of caring about anything I failed to post them, then lost them. These awards let me to know that my page is useful, with your help it can be more useful.

The effects of abuse are very hard to overcome, but we can all fight it. What is most important to remember is you are not alone, there are people all over the world who can be there for you.

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"Tami is pleased to sponsor Concerned Counseling. Through the special link on our website, you can access high-quality, professional, affordable counseling services right now. If you have questions, a situation you're trying to deal with, or you just need to talk with someone who cares, Concerned Counseling's licensed counselors want to help."

"I encourage you to visit Concerned Counseling and to visit my site frequently to see what's new."