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Did I get your attention?  Good, cause I'm a Leo - and it's always about me.

What was that?  Did you say that it really wasn't, but I like to think it is?

Maybe, but then you came here.  Think about that.


So you wanna know a little bit about me huh?  You've got a couple of choices:

button-r.gif (169 bytes)  Personal Stuff

button-r.gif (169 bytes)  My family

button-r.gif (169 bytes)  My friends

button-r.gif (169 bytes)  My issues 

button-r.gif (169 bytes)  My interests 


There you have it.  Short and sweet (until you get to the rest of it).  I realized that the length of my initial page was a bit much.  What do you expect?  That was from when I first started learning how to code.  I'm better now.  At least about that.  Hope you enjoyed your visit, hope you felt moved to sign my guestbook, hope you utilized my email addy if the situation called for it, and mayhaps I will see you around these parts again.  Take care.

"Time is one of the precious ingredients.  Each day brings 86,400 seconds.

Whatever isn't used is gone forever." - ANONYMOUS


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