Welcome to Black Warrior Council Troop 121

Welcome to Black Warrior Council Troop
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Pack 121 is sponsored by Sumiton Church of God. We meet at Sumiton Scout Hut each week on Tuesday at 7:00 pm. During our meetings, we work on Scout skills, advancement and merit badges, and fun. Each month , all the Cub Scout dens gather with their families for a pack meeting. The scouts take turns participating in the flag ceremony, skits and presentations. They can also display some of their handiwork. The highlight of the meeting is the awards ceremony. Please feel free to drop in and visit.
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BBULLET.JPG - 1.0 KCubMaster Dennis "Pete" Ballenger CUBMAS.JPG - 26.7 K SQ-ROPEC.JPG - 0.7 K
BBULLET.JPG - 1.0 KAssistant CubMaster Sam Seale SQ-ROPEC.JPG - 0.7 K
BBULLET.JPG - 1.0 KTiger Cub Coach Vonda Moore CUBTIGR.JPG - 6.4 K SQ-ROPEC.JPG - 0.7 K
BBULLET.JPG - 1.0 KWolf Den Leader David Morrow BBULLET.JPG - 1.0 K Assistant Den Leader Kathy Gilbreath CUBWOLF3.JPG - 2.3 K SQ-ROPEC.JPG - 0.7 K
BBULLET.JPG - 1.0 KBear Den Leader Laura Seale CUBBEAR3.JPG - 2.4 K SQ-ROPEC.JPG - 0.7 K
BBULLET.JPG - 1.0 KWeBeLoS I Den Leader William Cummings WEBELOS.JPG - 59.6 K SQ-ROPEC.JPG - 0.7 K
BBULLET.JPG - 1.0 KWeBeLoS II Den Leader ARROW.JPG - 18.8 K SQ-ROPEC.JPG - 0.7 K

Our summer camp is June 4, 1997 at Camp Horne in Tuscaloosa.
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This page is presented by Pack 121, Sumiton Alabama and maintained by Michele Williams

If you would like more information about Troop 121, please contact us at MAILBOX.JPG - 1.2 K mwillia6@bellsouth.net


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